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Prison Update


Small Update

Just wanted to mention this here.
In a few days, you will be able to use two new commands on Prison.

  • /trash - this opens up an inventory where you can put anything inside that you don’t need anymore. These items will be deleted when closing the inventory.
  • /restart - this will completely reset your account on Prison, means you will start from 0 again. Rank A, 0 Gold, no plot, etc.

I hope you like these! More updates coming soon.


Add a confirm button UI for /restart because people could accidentally type that command




How do you accidentally type a command? :sweat_smile:
But okay, will add this later.


They see a new command in the chat…

“Oh what’s this… a restart option? Wonder what’s this for, let’s check it out”



Added the confirmation, thanks for the feedback.


Small Update

Another update, but a bit bigger this time.
I’ve just added…

  • Enchantments!
    • This has been requested for a while, and has now finally been added. But, in order to enchant you will need to have a plot and an enchantment table as you can only enchant on your own plot. You can get an enchantment table at the Handyshop for 25,000 Gold. Each enchantment will cost money, depending on what enchantment you already have on your item.
      Available enchantments at the moment are: Efficiency (Axes, Pickaxes, Shovels) and Sharpness (Swords)
      More coming soon.

I hope you like this! More updates coming soon.


Looks great!


I’ve been waiting for this, forever
Oh wait I don’t have a plot and much gold…


I don’t understand, is enchantment table added in lifeboat Xbox or not?


On Prison, yes.


I can’t find it, is there a difference from the handy man and the handy shop or is there a requirement.


Found my answer, the requirement is Prison Server 1 XD


is there any way for me as a GOAT to change my speed boost 2 and jump boost 2 to Haste 2???


are the enchantments stackable? like if i have a pickaxe that already has efficiency can i put it through the enchantment table to get Efficiency 2??




Nop, you can’t.


Good job, CraftYourBukkit! (As always). :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks a lot!


well it was worth a shot. and ya i found that out last night.