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Prison Update


He asked about changes to the prison gamemode. He did not ask any suggestions for a new gamemode.


I’m not asking for a new game mode I’m asking for a new change in that game mode.


News on bh blitz? The one on bouty Hunter servers doesn’t work unfortunately.


Cops and robbers wouldn’t fit into prisons


Why do you have to have a Prison Pass you VIP+?
That just does not make sense…I mean why?


Money money money


What do you mean?


Any plans on releasing bounty Hunter blitz any time soon?


Why do we have to have [Vip+] or a Prison Pass to play?
I want to play the game…but I do not have the Vip+ or a Pass…


We just wanted to have a VIP-only game, something very special when you buy VIP.
Obviously, a gamemode also needs something to get an income, otherwise we would lose too much money from it. It just seemed like a very good option.


I don’t have information about that.


True!..thanks for the good answer!


Can you be active on the forums and respond on our suggestions? It would make us really happy.


I do look at suggestions very often, but I don’t reply to a lot. Many suggestions are about new gametypes or things that I do not work on, so I can’t really answer to them. Will try my best though.


One more question. So chest refilling. I claim it was my idea. I claim I sent a suggestion for chest refilling to Rein. (But really, I did) And it got added, so here’s the question:

Were you already planning to add chest refilling to CTF, or was it really added because I suggested it? I want to know so I…can know.


No idea, but that’s not important anyways. I could be on the forum and on twitter shouting “HEY, I MADE BEDWARS!!!” - but this just annoying to others and doesn’t help anyone, kinda selfish.


Okay okay geez I was just asking.


And I was just answering. :slight_smile:


It would sad if lifeboat is just getting rid of it. Weren’t you the one working on it? Great work if it was, shame to see it not being released.


I was working on something else and bigger that time, but it hasn’t been released either. Don’t know anything about BH Blitz really, sorry.