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Life: The Outside World




Correction :joy:
Video games


But it doesn’t exist on the windows store. It’s already installed in Earth.


I know! I download added it over what will soon be 2 decades ago!


planetside 2

guaranteed u will quit after 15 minutes of trying to shoot someone and dying


Probably will give you nausea if you play for too long…


This is a decent camera. Or just get a pixel 3.


it’ll also give you an extreme headache and complete utter rage


Only 90s kids will remember


I guess I can excuse any game with settings to make your PC struggle. ;D


Noooo!! The OG operating system is too strong :sob:


What is this for?


Better pictures for your games.


OnePlus 5T:

Snapdragon 835 CPU
Adreno 540 GPU
6GB RAM + 64GB storage


Cheap bluetooth headphones from Amazon, don’t even know the brand

Games: Bunch of free mobile games XD

Pubg, Critical ops, Bullet force, Minecraft (of course), Braw stars, Clash of clans, Clash Royale

Yes, I’m a mobile gaming pleb lol


Candy crush


I still don’t quite understand. Use the listed camera to record your screen?


It was an extremely old camera to build on with the jokes I’ve been making about having ancient gaming devices.

Also this


I was suggesting an old camera as a joke.


I use my iPhone 8 Plus Camera, nothing special lol.