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Post your favorite songs


Not Afraid- Eminem


Money money money
Must be funny
In a rich man’s world



Minecraft 1 million OOF sound. Don’t turn your volume to max if u don’t want your parents to hear dis.


Nugget in a biscuit 10-hour version.


Here the video GamezINVADER

Here it is…


Oh, Yas I’ll start listening to it. Thanks, pal.


@GamezINVADER I can teach you how to copy and paste on mobile.


I know how to do that :smile:
I get lazy sometimes. Thanks anyway.


Lol look at this dude. Please watch this otherwise I wasted time for 0 seconds.


Man In The Box - Alice In Chains
Smoke and Mirrors - Imagine Dragons or just Imagine dragons in general, S&M gets the priority, with Bullet in a Gun in a close second (Sorry in advance if Bullet in a Gun is an inappropriate song title and I shouldn’t say it.)
Plenty of songs by Queen
Wake Me Up When September Ends - Green Day

And there’s more songs I would list as my “favorites” but these are the first ones that came to mind.


No offence and I’m not trying to make fun of the president but it’s a video that made me laugh even if it’s not music and I’d tp rather listen to this music.


If you’re not sure about posting it, then don’t post it.


I hate him too. Lol.


I forgot this one. Same btw :joy:


I’ve developed a song I like
Shermanology & GRX - Can’t You See?


Inappropriate video



Hour tho…