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Plots are bugged in CM


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Incident: Plots will not unclaim and the relocate plot option is bugged.


Server: CM1

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My main issue here is that the plots will not unclaim. And players are forced to have plots in places they do not want. The “ relocate plot “ block in the book does not function properly. It does work. But not correctly.

The /unclaim function when typed just does not register at all. I am not sure if this has been documented or not.



Apologies for the inconvenience! I’ll bring it up and hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.


Yes. I Was checking for any bad names. Bad plots. Etc. and that’s when it happened. ( I made a plot and since I am not a very regular player on the CM I was going to move it ) [ that’s when everything started. ] hope it does get resolved because I feel bad for the other players if it happens to them too.


And I felt so upset because the other player tried moving their plot and it was getting griefed and the plots were not being able to be claimed back and I could not do anything to help. . [ I did try to reach out to a MOD in here , but they missed my message ] ( So I personally messaged the player and sent them a $10 Xbox/Microsoft gift Card )


^ they put a lot of work into their plot.