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Please remove the anti-hack system


The system is so bad.
It mistakes lag for hacking.
If I try to build up, it will not register the blocks I place and will automatically kick me.
If I bridge while the game is frozen due to lag, I get kicked.
If I fall into the void, and walk around on the surface due to lag, I get kicked.

And the worst thing about it is that it doesn’t even target actual hackers. I’ve tried reporting many fly, jump, and killaura hackers to no avail.

You may claim that it is just a kick and will do no harm. But when it’s triggered on an almost every-game frequency, it’s not just a kick. It’s hours of wasted time and wasted game play.

You may try to gain sympathy from people by saying that the developers are always working on it and it’s a tough job. That’s not my concern. If it’s tough work and it doesn’t work, then abandon it. Encourage people to manually report hackers. The system is too flawed to have any sort of benefit to the gameplay.

Thank you for listening to my concerns.


Yes, the AntiCheat is really buggy but if the anticheat was removed there will be more hackers on the server, a lot of fly hackers and speed hackers would come on the server if the anti cheat was removed.


Bad suggestion in my opinion. And yes the anti chest is buggy like i got kicked for running -_- anyways hackers will hack more,

Would you rather

  • Have a server with anti cheat
  • Have a server with no anti cheat

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I’d rather manual reporting by players themselves with screenshot evidence.


You can already manually report players, and the anti-cheat rarely kicks me. Its not lifeboats fault if you lag.


Here is a post reply from Kaleb that should help to address this situation.


I agree that the system is very effective. A Lot less hackers than Inpvp, and also works very well not hindering gameplay. I play skywars and can still speedbridge and jitterbridge without any problems… LBSG had the best Anti-Cheat ive seen in a Bedrock server


No way.




It’s not about pinning the fault on someone. It’s called being considerate to its audience and realising that some groups of people may not be as fortunate to have good internet.

This attitude is why Lifeboat is losing players.




They have to make sacrifices either way. Keep the anti cheat and risk turning laggy player away, or remove the anti cheat and risk having too many hackers.


Mojnag should make a anti cheat option since server made ones are really bad, i also get kicked for running and jumping, kill aura when im spamming like what? Also anticheat cannot detect users that have shield hack where they can hit u everywhere when they are afk. Blame microsoft