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Please devs, lifeboat sm and other gamemodes needs this feature plzzzz


Lifeboat spawn is broken, u cant destroy spawns and even if u try, it won’t work, so how about this, in order to break the spawn, just mine the block they are on for put 2 blockheight on their spawn to break

Also we need like plots free and here is how it works. First open sm book, press “Create free plot” and then the game will say choose a spot and the block ur on the nearby ones will turn into blue glass (others will not see it and private to you.) And then type /freeplotconfirm but if you wanna cancel, type /freeplotcancel and if you accidently did /freeplotconfirm, feel free to type /freeplotdelete and then the chat responds, are you sure you want to delete your free plot? Type in chat “Yes delete” or “No please” if u don’t want ur free plot to be gone. also this free plot isn’t good because users can still find a way inside and be able to open furnaces, chest and etc and be able to place blocks inside but not outside.

Also you should add plots but costs minecoins but they are even better, with this plot, players cannot break any blocks or place blocks inside and players take 1 hearts of damage if they dare to try placing blocks, or trying to break blocks inside or open furnaces and chest, etc. And if mobs come to the base, they start burning in ur base till they die. To get a plot, u will need a plot ticket and plots tickets are much more bigger than free plots,

The free plots should be only 6 by 6 square big and Real plot tickets should be by 16 by 16 square big or something. Anyways the plot ticket should cost as much as lifeboat makes XD!

Also when users log on, they get spawned killed by mobs and players wether it’s just ur lag or poor connection and users should spawn in a safe spawn and no blocks be able to be broken or mobs spawning, and u will spawn with ur in-game items the game saved snd in order to play, a sign will or whatever will say,


You mean like an AFK / spawn world. Something like Hypixel’s LIMBO world?


Yea afk spawn. @Hazard_DutchAD


I don’t use IOS and Android so I don’t lag but if the worlds are separate like limbo on hypickle would they lag when they went to the real one? because isn’t it the same as transfering?