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Players Doing ERP


Please include some basic information so we may help assist you in the correct manner.

Incident:Two players were doing erp (Erotic RolePlay) on a very populated Lifeboat City Server. Savvy was saying they are 18, which in my opinion means that they should know a lot better than to do that on a server meant for kids, and the other person involved did not act old enough to be involved in the erp anyway. Savvy was also saying inappropriate things in the chat along the lines of “I am bored and going to leave soon, who wants to come up into a bedroom with me before I go?”

Username(s): XxItsSavvyxX and Dr Dude8

Server: LifeBoat City Server 16

Attachments (if applicable):

*Hacking reports require video evidence.

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Hello @SinonRyuzaki! These types of role plays definitely aren’t allowed on our servers, but we do require some sort of evidence before we can take any action against the players. Did you happen to take any screenshots of the chat?

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I tried to but the chat wouldn’t scroll up that far.

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Ah yea I have that same issue when I play on the Xbox One. If you see them doing it again please screenshot it and report it to us here. Thanks for your help! We appreciate it. :blush:

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I am not on an Xbox, but many people saw what happened, letting that person go is not okay.

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I’m sorry, but we need proof. We would hate to wrongly punish a player.

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Isn’t that what ban appeals are for?

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Ban appeal sometimes work that way, if a user was wrongly banned but we really try not to wrongly ban players. Usually ban appeals are used to give the player a second chance, instead of having their account permanently locked for one wrong doing.

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I asked the person why they did it the second time i saw them and they started acting like it never happened.

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Well I hope they won’t do it again. But if they do just take a screenshot and report it to us here and we will deal with them appropriately.

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Okay, Sorry if my attitude seems a bit rude, I just hate seeing erp on a kid’s game.



It okay! I understand your frustration. Have a great day!

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