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Hello. Well as you read this it may be akward… Anyways im joining y’all kids in the Minecraft community thingy. (I am actually new tbh) So, im not like others who likes sports and things. Im more into James Charles and the sishtar squad. I like iconic memes, sippin’ tea. Sips tea Mkay, if you don’t support trans or plus size women like Victorian secrets, then bye bye honey. Im out of here.


If you like teas… be with @anon91321599


Can I put you in soup along with @GTROMERO27 and @DabbingUnikern


No, no you can’t.


I will marinate you with the Herb and make soup out of the Unicorn instead


No can’t do


Double negative, so I will


Double negative so you CAN’T
Unless you give me canned potatoes…


I will


Welcome to our forums, @PixelHerb. Though, our forums is not much like other forums out there, you might wanna stick around. This place is our Twitter, we talk about whatever we want here. Enjoy your visit.


DON’T start plez…




Yes I will


He wants to say that you shoud not start a drama here, technically not drama so, go on.


James Charles is always a win for me so welcome to this little place :]


hello im as active as a potato but hi anyways


@ZiqTheMan can you stop pinging me


victoria secret models are so full of themselves and i dont mean to degrade them in such a way but its just my viewpoint to my perspective.


Fite me, m8 @DabbingUnikern


hi i am a small yellow boy/girl with a ugly haircut
oh no a hole