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Petition to keep SMPRO Servers running!



Such a shame to lose builds like these



i think im not the only who plays on smpro


Add my name to the list. pro is great until they do the random wipes of the servers


Such a shame, but let me suggest something to you.
In the few days (two months)before the server is deleted, announce to the people if they don’t know about this. Then probably encourage the people to start adding themselves as friends on their Xbox accounts. When SMPro is gone (as in the server) meet up on another server (probably adventure mode, or CTF, where there’s no people) and discuss the devices that each player uses. If one happens to be a windows 10 player, ask the player to download a server software from the Minecraft website, then watch yt to learn how to configure it, then there you go. Depending on the number of players that you expect, youll be able to play with them. If none of you are windows 10, or you can’t find the download, make a world and change the max amount of players.


I for one appreciate the admins response and hope that they continue plots on sm. Luckily my 30 day pass expired right after the notice and i decided not to buy more minecoins and renew. We (there are many of us as you know) may return to LB if that is the case.


Yes If Lifeboat decides not to allow plots then I will not be returning. However, if they do allow plots on SM or something similar to SMPRO then I will be staying. I will hate to leave LB. I’ve had a lot of fun playing here. But all good things must come to an end I guess. I do hope they allow the paying players to have plots on SM.


This would be the best solution. Use the paid servers (less laggy ones) from sm pro to sm, then create a paywall system behind the creation of plots, because players have always payed for the plot tickets, and if they continue to do so, it keep the server together. SM is all about PVP and bases and clans for some stupid reason. Having our own plots will protect us from all of that.


(Sorry for the bump)
That would be a great solution, unfortunately, Mojang is not ok with us providing users with safe areas when there’s PvP enabled (breaks the EULA according to them). So you get to choose between plots or PvP. And it seemed like plots weren’t the right direction since we made very little money on them, and user counts were very low.


genius 30-day bump lol

but good points. im glad lifeboats been running for nearly 6 years now!


What about setting sm up similar to Prison? Where basically the world, and plots wouldn’t have pvp enabled, but there could be a special place, like the village, where players could enter a PvP arena, similar to the PvP mine in Prison, but it wouldn’t be a mine and could maybe be a little larger. Just a thought.

I think the down fall of smpro came from the fact that users couldn’t play for free, and so they would join the server, not be able to move or communicate with anyone, and then they would leave. I say that because that was my first few experiences with smpro, until I realized you could use the book to spectate and that I had to buy VIP to play. There was also the issue of the resets… Those drove away so many players… I remember at one point new players joining, and then the world would reset a few days later and they would leave and never came back. Smpro could have been successful, but it just wasn’t meant to be I guess.

I really think if we ever want to beat The Hive and get the number 1 spot back we have to have a better balance of working on improments that will bring past players back/ keep the ones we have, and new game modes to attract new players. But that’s really just my opinion.


Good ideas. I’ll forward this to Rein. No promises though.