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Petition to keep SMPRO Servers running!


This is a petition to keep the SMPRO Servers running. At this time, SMPRO is the only place that we can play in Survival Mode and have a plot that does not reset everyday. We work hard to build and make our plots our own. We see the same people everyday and make friendships. We work together and learn to be better builders. A lot of us have been playing together for a long time on Lifeboat. And we pay for the privilege to have our own plots. SMPRO is a place where we can log on and chat and build plots together. Its awesome and I for one do not want to see it go away.

Please comment with your name and which server you play on.


Inoverci - Please don’t close the SMPRO servers ! We love playing there !


Interesting… Support your claim much more, please, I wanna see where this is going.

Edit: Thank you for editing this post and adding more reasons, I really enjoy that you took the time into doing that, especially considering not many people do that and just throw their opinion out there. I applaud you for that. However, I believe you should either friend the people you know best, or just go on a particular sm server where all your friends go to every now and then. Or heck, maybe you guys will have your money transferred to creative mode or prison, you could meet there. I am sorry, but from the things that have been going on with SMPRO, it is just another adventure mode, and is a minority in lifeboat’s sales.



What Ever the Future holds. I stand with you to keep SM PRO ALIVE.



But why? I want a reason.


I’m not either of them, but I’ve moderated SMPro1 a fair bit.

A lot of them are dedicated, paying players, and a fair chunk don’t play any other gamemode. Almost all of them are prepared to leave Lifeboat after this. A lot of them have spent a lot of time and effort building bases, collecting materials, and forming informal teams. A lot of them know each other and as long as I’ve been playing there there’s always been someone I recognized from earlier. All are pretty good reasons for petitioning for a reversal of the decision but I doubt it’ll happen unfortunately.


While I do understand the concerns that Lifeboat is facing as SM PRO is a “minority issue”. Penguin was right, a lot of us only play on there. That was the main reason I got VIP and it’s really unfortunate that we are getting that taken away as well. A know plenty of players that joined SM pro because the plot function was taken away from SM. If sm pr is being removed then maybe there is a healthy medium where sm pro players can still feel like they have something similar. Maybe introducing plots again? Or only plots for VIP? Something along those lines but a lot of us have been playing for a long time. We have stayed after every reset, after every bug and glitch that clears our plots. We are very devoted to staying and have truly enjoyed sm pro and everything encompassed in it. We discussed this thoroughly in SMpro1 today and we all feel that if we cannot save sm pro by any means. Then we would still like some plot functionality in sm so that we could shift over.


We do our best to keep game types up, but make no guarantees as to their availability or continued existence. We will keep any game type available for a minimum of 90 days after we discontinue any game-specific product, and typically much longer.


I believe there should be nothing done of the Survival Mode Pro servers.
Despite me not having the V.I.P. rank in-game, I have seen the gameplay of SMPro, similar to that of the original Survival Mode, but subtracting the PvP gangs, the merciless greifing, and the arrogance portrayed by the users with the V.I.P. ranks on the server. SMPro is a more peaceful, reserved, (rather paid for), less aggressive acts, fewer server resets and more creativity preserved.
I mean, there is some things to be fixed like the way the mobs operate, their accuracy, AI, and more.
With the title “running”, Lifeboat should have no problem with that unless they are out of funds lol. I think you mean, “alive”.


So we are asking Lifeboat to please keep SMPRO in existence. We know games can be taken away. We are asking Lifeboat to please not take SMPRO away. Or if PRO is taken away, we are asking for something similiar so that we can have plots that do not reset again.


That’s fun isn’t it?


Not if their PvP lords XD
what I mean is those that just come in full diamond armour and assassinate you and take your stuff.
Like on the original Survival mode


We just ask that we be allowed to have a place to go where we can build a plot and keep it. In other words, a plot that does not reset every night but remains active for at least 30 days like SMPRO is right now.


Hm, maybe lifeboat should do what the other guy said. Make plots happen in sm but only exclusive to VIP users.


While I don’t think it’s going to be possible for smpro to be kept open, I agree that an update to SM, that brought back plots, would be a step in the right direction. While I know we all like free things, I don’t think free plot will come back, but I fully support plots for VIP users or having SM plots available for purchase in the store, like how CM is set up. That way we could get more than just 2 plots and could make some pretty epic builds.


i like that idea because that way there are still funds coming in and I guarantee there are still players in sm who want plots. That would pacify both the player’s and the server’s fund needs.


That’s the thing about sm… some people like to build and others like to pvp. Having plots would give players the option of both. Plots to keep and build and the pvp is already there because it goes on in both servers. Just with the plots, players have the choice to not engage in pvp if they don’t wish to.


I think they should just bring it down to one smpro server since there are still quite a few players that want it. They could even disable PvP on a 2nd pro server to see how many players it brings back. A while back there was a petition for that. A lot of players said they would come back to Lb/pro for that. They want a survival mode with plots and no PvP. They want to be able to collect stuff on their own and have friends over without a massacre. There’s next to no respect on Mc and a lot of players like to target the ones who hate PvP because they think it’s funny but it makes some players feel bullied. So a lot of people quit purely over that. They think cm is too boring and the constant roleplaying is obnoxious so it’s not worth it. They want the elements of survival with the PvP disabled which is a very easy thing to do. So I believe it’d be worth a shot to leave two smpro servers open, one with PvP and one without, and give it a few months to see how it goes. Even more players are leaving Lb over this or refusing to pay anymore. Adding the option to have paid plots on regular sm would also be good since so many players want it and it’d only be extra income for Lb, but there’s still the problem that most people on smpro hate sm because they don’t like PvP and can’t survive one minute after spawning, so it’d be hard to collect things off their plots. There’s also the constant harassment and toxicity there that drive decent people away. I really hope Lb will come up with an option for all the players who love plots and survival mode but hate PvP. I’ve been waiting on it for over a year now though and don’t think it will ever happen because Lb doesn’t think it’d be worth it to them.


I would definitely go for that ! The reason I do not play on SM right now is because I do a bunch of work to build a base and mine and get diamond armor and the second I log off everything is gone and I have to start all over.