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Permanent UberVIP


There should be a new rank you can buy with minecoins. UberVIP [Permanent] it is a great idea and I would definitely buy it. It will cost the most minecoins but it should be a reasonable price. I love playing all minigames in your server but I think the UberVIP [30 days] is like wasting money. I think many players like me would buy it. Thanks for your time!


Eh uber VIP is supposed to be a subscription per month.
I think Lifeboat will not agree.
Now if you wanna get privileges like on SG and such I suggest you get VIP SG, and if Lifeboat will agree then some pets, particles, and the TAG thing should get removed in said “Permanent uberVIP”


Bat how is they suppose to mke money


funny. They used to have this years ago. I bought it. Guess what? Im just a vip in 3 games and I dont even have the purple named-vip that uber gets. I basically got gipped…


R u mr creppy


No, he ain’t. I think.


I remember that old times, i buyed the old ubervip by 70 dollars, now i have just a normal vip, i feel scammed :v


It wasn’t 70 dollars, It was 25. I bought it aswell, and they scammed us. They say they can change any rank at any time…


The 70/25 dollar disparity is probably from comparing two different currencies, though you’ll have to clarify that with each other.

We aren’t trying to scam anyone, though I do realise it may feel like it as we’ve made considerable changes to the different ranks. The old UberVIP (one-time purchase) covered all the then-current gamemodes, so newer gamemodes such as Creative Mode, Zombie Apocalypse, Battle Royale, Planet X, etc. aren’t covered. The new UberVIP is subscription and covers all game modes, with a slightly expanded amount of perks from VIP+. Unfortunately Lifeboat does not do refunds, so we aren’t able to refund your purchase if you feel dissatisfied with it.


I have the mexico app store and it was 700 pesos, aprox 70 dollars 3 years ago


Its basicslly like saying: Give me 20 dollars and youll get to have these 10 apple pies. Then a minute later after giving the 20 bucks to the person theh take away 7 pies and leave you witb 3 pies. See, it really isn’t fair.


I agree with that point, also the people who buyed the product at Mexican store is like x3 the same price (dollar devaluation :v)


yea i feel scammed…


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