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Penguin/Simartar - Lead Forum Moderator


In-Game Username: Simartar391

Roles: Lead Forum Moderator, Discord Moderator, In-Game Moderator, Trainee Mentor

Favorite fruit: Raspberries


I’m Penguin (also known as Simartar), the Lead Forum Moderator here! I assist Serenity in managing the forums - most of my time is spent helping out players, supplying ideas for future updates, and answering Support topics. I also do most of the custom HTML and CSS for our themes and theme components nowadays (the older stuff was all Storm). If you have any questions about that you can ask in the thread below.

I was offered a spot on the first round of Forum Helpers, was later promoted to full Forum Mod, and became the Lead Forum Moderator this January. The forums has always been my favourite platform, and I’m honoured to have such a big role in its management.

I’m also a moderator in-game (XBL: Simartar391) and on Discord (@Simartar#1351), and while in-game I’m usually found on SM or CM. Recently I also started helping mentor the next generation of moderators as a trainee mentor.

In real life, I’m a high school student that enjoys listening to and playing music - I play the clarinet, guitar, and piano and listen to anything that isn’t country. Whether it’s rock or K-Pop or rap, I’ll probably like it, but country… well it’s country. I’m also interested in programming and am currently learning JavaScript and SCSS.

Just noticed, this is the second volunteer intro ever… kind of a cool record to hold, right?

Thanks for reading!



Best mod ever :grin:


Aw thanks!


Yes :laughing:


Ditching Cubistry.



Why is everyone obsessed with Korean pop cultures?
They’re all piece of crap when you compare them with Imagine Dragons, Eminem, One Direction, Charlie Puth, Maroon 5, etc.


I personally like country music…

That would be due to everyone’s music preferences being opinion based. For example, Penguin doesn’t like country music, but I do. Many people also tend to criticize music released by the artists and groups you mentioned (I watch way too many things such as “Best/Worst Songs of [insert year here]” list videos on YouTube…), but it’s all personal opinion. What one person dislikes about a song or genre can be part of it another really enjoys.


@Cubistry13_Is_Dory yo, I think sath is trying to yoink ur girl


I just used it as an example, I’m not actually a fan of K-Pop but I don’t actively avoid it either. I always encourage people to explore all genres of music, I personally don’t like country but that’s just my opinion. Like what you like, but don’t be afraid to check out other genres. I started out mostly listening to electronic music but I’ve branched out into a lot of genres. There’s a whole world of music out there, you’re losing out if you’re only listening to a few artists.


But, why raspberries?


yo chill kpop is amazing


i mean let’s be honest, the amount of work it takes to do choreographed dance and sing at the same time is insane


Wow were happy to have you as a leader


I enjoy remix music and electric music like war of the worlds remix by jay30k if you don’t them look them up on YouTube is awesome


They grow really well around my area and they’re good in parfaits. I also like most berries in general though.


Ah, yummy. I personally prefer strawberries over raspberries. Something about raspberries makes me want to throw them into a fireplace and burn them until they are nothing but ash (if that’s even possible).


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nice to know more about what fruit you like