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On days like this, kids like you


Can someone please close this? You idiots keep getting this off task


not that the expense of me getting regular

honestly, if you have the time to flag something, than you should have the time to understand why my response is justified.


nope, flagging takes like two seconds. reading sasuke’s entire biography takes a lot of time.


Adding the fact that he used “Tf” with an inappropriate context.

Look, Cub, the reason why the post was flagged was because you used the abbreviation “tf” with an inappropriate context, resulting the flag as acceptable.

You can ask CIAMouse why he accepted the flag, and I have to admit before things go crazy, I was the one who flagged the post.


ah okay, I was flagged for the tf. I admit, yah I shouldn’t have added that.

but I’m going to be honest. I think everyone here is mature enough to handle a simple abbreviation. I understand LifeBoat is geared toward younger kids, but really is there anyone actively involved in the forums under the age of 9? Even so, if there is, why should an abbreviation be flagged? I didn’t even state the entire abbreviation. Flagging it only brings more attention to it. It’s completely unnecessary


oof seems like our argument was about the wrong thing xd


Idc if I get banned, shut up! BOTH OF YOU!!

This was supposed to be a fun topic, but you idiots ruined it!!!


closed #28



We’re currently reworking our abbreviations policy, but I’m not sure why your flag was approved as the forum team hasn’t heard back from administration yet. As is, I think that’s enough drama for today.