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On days like this, kids like you



Oh no anime


it’s a weeb


no judgement but sasuke annoys me like god dang it kid stop complaining that ur brother killed ur entire family


y’know that sounds really bad without context


That wouldn’t have been flagged at all, you know. It’s just the way you put it.


Weird how it got approved though, we haven’t publicized our abbreviations decision yet so it should still be a grey zone.


(Sorry if that thumbnail is inappropriate. It’s just supposed to be a funny anagram of Undertale. I can remove the video if necessary.)


COMPLETE THE PHRASE beeeep beep beeep

Completion of the phrase: SHOULD BE BURNING IN HELL


But this would be a cool background song in a fight, I actually mean it, its very good




i don’t actually understand why this got flagged, it’s unacceptable.

it’s so stupid how I can’t say anything without being flagged

this is honestly unacceptable


I stand with cube here not gonna lie


thats because that post actually sounds really insensitive without context


Adding to the fact that you should’ve done this in the first place:

Abbreviation <meaning!>


but it isn’t without context. this topic is about naruto


if I posted that on a topic about pizza, yah I get it but here? No


but not everyone knows what the naruto story is about, the mods dont watch anime.


well it should be looked into instead of just directly flagged


too much work, flagging is easier