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Old Lifeboat Screenies that I found


Remember when they had water fountains in the toy section?

Shou (R.I.P) used to sponsor Lifeboat

I used to be a GOAT, with a different username

VIPs used to be able to join when a game was almost full

Forgotten LBSG Lobby

A gamemodes that I think is SM

Lifeboat used to have a Map rank for people that made the Maps! (I think that’s what it was)

Like this post if you enjoyed it! I found all these screenshots in my old Android Tablet.:disappointed_relieved: For me, this brings back so many memories, and I am grateful that I am super obsessed at taking Screenies! This is 100% all my screenshots, taken by me. I have been meaning to release these for a while already. I do have some more, but mostly vids of me playing old Lifeboat! (Part 2 comming soon)

I hope you enjoyed these wonderful memories!


Awesome screenies! I need to take more. I tend to forget about it, even when I run into other volunteers and staff… :disappointed:


rip anyone who used shou


These screenshots were taken about 2 years ago. Before I was a Volunteer


Not black and white. You are lying about “old”


Is 2 years consider “old?”


OMG NO WAY man. Can you be my dad?


Map rank still exists I think I saw a builder a few weeks ago


Yikes, those are indeed some old ones.


It’s the Sailor rank that was really old.


Who the hell said that lobby was forgotten?
I’m still waiting for it!!


XD I don’t remember that lobby or to what gamemode it was too


Survival Mode 1.0


Could be


Ah yes thanks.


What you mean you forgot the gamemode?
It was in all gamemodes.

Bounty Hunter, survival games, skywars.


HOW Old WHas this?
Sorry for caps my auto correct is doing it.


2-3 years old


I miss 4D skins so much.

Im the dino


Lol that’s awesome