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Okay so here is the first episode o the story I promised


It was a beautiful summer day, I was just sitting at my computer desk when a little pop up showed on my screen saying “Unidentified Aircraft Detected”. I switched to the radar screen and saw 3 blue dots on the screen. The blue dots were aircraft, not yet defined as friendly, not yet defined as enemy. I grabbed the radio and tuned it to the communication frequency that seemed to be going to and from the 3 unknown aircraft. “Attention Unidentified Aircraft, you are flying in restricted airspace, divert your course or you will be shot down.” But the aircraft didn’t respond in any way, but then… “Aidan…” A recognized but no less likeable voice said. “Emma” I spat, as if the name were poison. “Aidan, surrender to me.” Emma said (who by the way is my sister who ehh, helped our dear father torture me) “Emma, I know you have two frigates with you, I’m not stupid”. “What? How did you know?” “We have sonar covering our airspace, I saw the readings and knew it was a fighter jet and 2 frigates” “You are avoiding the question.” “No, I’d rather die then surrender to you” “Fine then!” I switched to the ground-air defence frequency and declared an emergency “Attention Ground Air Defence Team, we have 1 fighter jets and 2 frigates that are now red-flagged, please take them down” “10-4 Aidan, using ATI149 Vulcan for the frigates, ATAPI 671 AAM for the jet” I moved at a quick pace to my frigate which was in the air. I jumped 8 feet (literally) and pulled out my wings, which were 13 feet long and were white speckled with blue; the colour of a cloudy sky, and flew to the hangar of the frigate, but I never made it: I was shot with a paralysis dart in my right wing, which went limp. I spiralled to earth, and hit the ground with a thud. I was pulled up by rough hands and had a mask put on, and I smelled this sickly sweet smell and passed out. I woke up in a place that awoke my fear on like, 10 different levels. I was back in the prison where I was tortured in every way imaginable, I was back with my fellow recombinants, I was back, in area 41 of Emma’s home base.
to be continued


For this episode:
Aidan = Me
Emma = CrimsonDream


Cool, iam not in it


You prolly will later in the story


What about me ;(


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