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I liked talking to you here, it is a good pleasure discussing things with you, especially critiques, me and you have agreed a lot on those subjects regarding the server. It feels like you have been a member forever here, I see you all the time. And to think we’ve met just a couple years ago. Happy 2nd anniversary, @ohrangee567!


Happy 2nd Anniversary @ohrangee567! We love a very skilled critic to be part of our community as this helps us change that things we need to change and what must be kept the same.


Happy orange axe :slight_smile: :orangeaxe:


Great anniversary.


:f: :f:


I’m not a “skilled critique,” I just like to give my opinion on things and mess around on the forums :joy: . Reading my own posts from the past I’m wrong on a lot of things, but everyone makes mistakes so thats ok lol.

Thanks though :slightly_smiling_face:


Happy anniversary @ohrangee567!

Keep the server suggestions alive pal!


I tried in the past but I’ve kinda lost interest in that. I’ll keep reading through that section though :+1:


Ship name - ohkillian


Happy anniversary! @ohrangee567


happie anniversary @ohrangee567