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Official Guide to Text Formatting



Have you ever thought your posts looked a little… plain? Here’s a quick guide to formatting your text that’s bound to spice it up a little!

This forum supports Markdown, BBCode, and HTML. This post will cover basic options available and several methods of attaining them.

Text Options:


Do you really want to emphasize something? Use one of these methods!

Method 1 (HTML): <em>Your text here</em>

Method 2 (Markdown): *Your text here*

Method 3 (Markdown): _Your text here_

Method 4 (BBCode): [I]Your text here[/I]

Method 5 : in the text editor where you type posts, select the desired piece of text and click the italicize (capital I) option. This will simply do method 3 for you automatically.


Sometimes you just have to be bold. Any of these methods will help you make a statement!

Method 1 (HTML): <strong>Your text here</strong>

Method 2 (Markdown): **Your text here**

Method 3 (BBCode): [B]Your text here[/B]

Method 4: in the text editor where you type posts, select the desired piece of text and click the bold (capital B) option. This will simply do method 2 for you automatically.

Notes: both of these can be combined, and the methods mix and matched if you really want to spice up your words.

Ex. <strong>*Your text here*</strong>.

Fonts here cannot be changed.

Other Options:


See something you want to address but want to include the message in your post? There are three ways to quote a post.

Method 1: >Your quote here (must be on its own line)

Method 2: [quote="username, post:#, topic####"] Your quote here [/quote]

Method 3: Select the desired text, then press the quote option that should appear. This will simply do method 2 for you.

Note: the quotes can stack - you can quote a quote. Quoteception!


Quoted quote


Sometimes you just want to send someone on a wondrous journey through the internet. There are a few ways to insert hyperlinks.

Method 1: [Your title here](https://your.link.here)

Method 2: <a href="https://your.link.here">Your title here</a>

Method 3: [URL='https://your.link.here"]Your title here[/URL]

Method 4: in the text editor, select the button with the chain link and paste in your desired link and title. Press OK to confirm.

  • Lists

Need a to-do list? Want to list all the reasons why you’re awesome? Lists can be created using a few methods.

Method 1: * Your list item here

-This creates an unordered list.

Method 2: #. Your list item here

-Replace # with a number. This creates an ordered (numbered) list.

Method 3: in the text editor, select either the list button with numbers or without. Type in your desired list items. These will simply do methods 1 or 2 for you automatically.

Line Breaks:

Do you just really want to build a wall between two parts of your posts? Now you can!

Method 1: --------

-Must be on its own line, between the two parts of text you want separated. Include a line between both texts and the line break unless you want to create a heading (see below). May not work on certain mobile devices.

Text Size Options

Small Text:

Sometimes good things come in small packages. There’s a way to make your text one of those packages.

Method 1: <small> Your text here </small>

Note: they can stack. Using several small tags can make your text tiny.

Big Text:

Other times, you need to go BIG or go home. Here’s how to make your text large and in charge.

Method 1: <big>Your text here </big>


Sometimes you need a big heading to announce the sections of your posts. Here’s how to make one.

Method 1: <h#> Your heading here </h#>

-# should be a number between 1 and 6. The number should be the same both times, and the text should appear bolded. 1 will make the largest heading, and numbers below 4 will be text smaller than or approximately equal to the default size.

Method 2: # Your text here

-The space between # and your text is important! If you leave it out it may be processed by the system as trying to link to a category.

Method 3: If you also want line break under your heading, you can type your heading on the line directly above your line break.

This guide is not exhaustive, there are a few things that haven’t been covered. There are also a few options available in the toolbar of the text editor that haven’t been listed here.

Have fun formatting your text and happy Lifeboating :sailboat:!


2019-01-20: Added new formatting options and intro lines. Changed guide formatting to be clearer.

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