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Non-existent "Moderators"


Straight to the point, i’ve said this more than many times on the server so i’m going to take it to forums. I see your empty threats of “Banning” and “Muting” me if i do anything bad, who’s going to ban me, your non-existent “Moderators”? I’ve been on the server for a few months now and i have yet to have seen a single staff member. When i go on creative i see huge Swastikas everywhere and they never go away until the server resets, and i see people spamming all the time! I asked in chat “Say “I” if you’ve EVER seen a Lifeboat staff member here before.” quite a few times on multiple servers and every time nobody responded, that sure does say alot. So my suggestion? Get on Lifeboat and do what you applied to do! Ban these people building Swastikas and KKK shrines and mute the people spamming. And i understand you can’t be on 24/7 because you have lives to attend to, but- if you applied to moderate the server that means you have time on your hands. This goes for the other three servers on Xbox too.

So in conclusion, until i see a staff member doing what they applied for, your little “threats” are nothing but jokes to me. Good day.


First off, we never ‘threatened’ anyone that we would ban or mute people, we just do it if players break rules.

There’s a difference between ‘staff’ members and volunteer moderators. I’ve seen staff members on very rare occasions. But moderators are pretty much active. You must be in a timezone which has less moderators and hence, you have never seen one.

If you find inappropriate builds, just provide us evidence (video evidence) in a support topic. We can then do something about it.

That’s funny xD. It’s not the way to know if staff members are online.

And there’s no such ‘threats’.


You haven’t been on Lifeboat much then, I always see mods and staff when I go on Lifeboat.

Also if you don’t take these “threats” seriously, someone else could report you and get you punished.



Thanks for expressing these concerns.

We do warn users before using more severe punishments. They aren’t empty threats, they’re usually warnings. If the user ignores them we usually proceed to mute/ban/lock. If the user complies, sometimes no further action is needed.

We have a small team of <50 volunteer moderators spread over all the servers. The majority of us are American/North American, followed by a fair amount of European and Asian moderators, meaning if you’re in a different timezone the moderators may be less likely to be online. We also have real-life obligations (school, work, etc.) to attend to.

If you ever come across a problematic server, you could always try pinging a mod to get online (via our Discord server). Alternatively you could do this on the forums, but the response may be a bit more delayed, allowing the rule breaker to escape.


Dude, those are not empty threats, they’re simply warnings to encourage the user to stop, and yes, there are different kinds of staff on Lifeboat, but not everyone is going to be able to stay on Lifeboat the whole time.
And the so called ‘threat’ is no joke, my friend. So please, not everyone is perfect.


First of all, i never said a specific person was threatening to ban me. What i’m referring to is the messages that pop up in chat saying things like “No inappropriate roleplaying, ban on first offense.”

Secondly, i understand you have things to attend to in real life, i thought i made that clear in my post, read it again.

Lastly, I think 4 months is plenty of time to see a Moderator regardless of the timezone. But i’ll call Ghost Busters and give it a year, see what happens.


This is just a message to warn players to not do inappropriate roleplays. I promise, we are not trying to threaten our players.

We call our moderators “Volunteers” here. Staff members are paid and those who have the “staff” rank in game. If you ever have a concern always feel free to contact me or any other moderators. The most effective way is to DM them so they will be able to respond ASAP but please keep in mind if we don’t, it’s because we do have school and work. I hope I made this clear. Have a good day/night!


Hi there. This sentence is not a big warning tho, this is an in game message that comes to everyone who’s currently online, it doesn’t come only to you. If you don’t want to see this messages, you can just mute them.


Hey i dont know about you, but ive seen a bunch of moderators and a few staff members, they are active for me. You might be in a timezone when not alot of them online, plus they might be on diffrent games or servers.


Either the Kool-Aid powder i just snorted is screwing with me or… Ghosts do exist!



Ah, that’s a mod right there.


I agree that warnings do sound like threats but they are not… this is to give you the sound of a strong message that you should carefully read and understand.


sorry but not everything is perfect. lifeboat can’t be hiring immature mods, and there aren’t many mature 10-12 yr olds who play minecraft


Staff have jobs OUTSIDE Lifeboat. I see more devs that staff in game. If you count Jacob being a JR dev.