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New Theme - Steel Blue


Hello Lifeboaters!

Our newest custom theme “Steel Blue” is now available from Preferences->Interface! I’ve been working on it for a bit but it is still a bit of an experiment so if you see any issues or want something added/fixed, just mention it here and I’ll see if I can fix it.





  • New fonts for all text and category headings

  • New colour scheme - grey and navy blue

  • Revamped top bar (Desktop) with some new links

  • More to come - suggestions welcome! Make sure they’re not too outlandish, remember we’re not devs and most of our custom CSS is on the simple side.

Try it out at Preferences -> Interface -> Theme!

Known Issues:

-Low contrast for like/link buttons on posts
-Turns grey even when not clicked when hovering slightly off the header icons on Desktop

pinned globally #2




Its so… Steely


It’s a working title xD.


I love it! Nice work @Penguin!


Not too shabby, actually. I could get used to this.


i LOOOVEEE it good work sea bird


Off topic
But POPPLE you are cultured you have a Plague Knight pfp


Off topic
Plauge knight is best knight.


Hey, this is amazing, it is okay but honestly I love the coloring and reminds me of metal but smelted and great job.




Off topic
Disagree, Spectre Knight is superior


noooooo blizzard it was funny


Update: new Discord Widget is now live on only the Steel Blue theme at the moment. Feel free to report any issues with it, it’s a little buggy.


OK we will