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New Phone!


I don’t think they copied Huawei, it was probably something both companies were planning already. Huawei just happened to release theirs first.


oooo your rich then you can buy pizza😁


That makes no sense but okay.


Why do phones need so many cameras like who is gonna use 3 cameras? :confused:



My phone looks better :wink:

It has better specs
Model-IPhone xs 256gb space grey
Camera-dual 12 mega pixel
Display-idk I think 2600 to 1400


I used my iPhone 6s to take the picture cause my 7 isn’t working


iPhone is overrated



Wdym by overrated?


look it up on youtube


also i learn how to get ride of lag https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbxhPvCjA3s&feature=youtu.be


S10+ Has 8gigs of RAM.
S10+ can have storage up to 1.5TB
No Notch
Has Dolby Sound
Some other stuff
Yea, I have an iPhone but the S10+ is better.


Facts you’re rich blizzard you can buy 5 phones


Funny, I’m pretty sure the displays are produced by Samsung…

(Yes I know that apple does a lot of work on the displays and optimizing them, but they’re still made by Samsung :wink:)


Samsung is defeating Apple by the means of innovation, design, ergonomics and functionality.

The wide angle camera is definitely a plus for Landscape photography and group photoshooting. The RAM and storage with the Dex functionality makes this a professional’s best choice for productivity. Also adding the fact that Samsung is preparing for 5G connectivity, which makes them more advanced and prepared.

I’m just telling the things why Apple is being defeated by Samsung, this is not to bash your opinion @ItzBornKillerXi


Samsung’s has fortnite


I like samsung though cause idk how apple works cuz I know like 80% how to use apple iphone. Also is ur phone really this good?


No their not


Yes they are


No they aren’t that’s why apple has better displays?