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New Phone!


I decided to treat myself to a new phone, so happy to be back on android and what a beauty it is! The Samsung Galaxy S10!

With VR support too!

Unlimited Texts
Unlimited Calls
Unlimited Data
Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB Prism Black
£73 monthly


Dude, that looks so good!


So wait phone is a android and itzbornkill say android suck


Gggggggg, i want one but cant get it, enjoy it :smile:


That looks extremely cool.
You’ve also covered your face. lol!


Android is far more superior to the iPhones, especially the latest Huawei and Samsung.



niiiicee im jelous


Ho OK some phones do have charger hazard problems they would blow up like Samsung 7 I think
Samsung was in a race with iphone


Oh wow, everyone is getting new stuff recently…

Betting my mom will get an S10+ soon this summer and I will probably get a surface pro tablet by microsoft also this summer.


Not a fan of the punch hole design, but the phone looks amazing either way!

If u live in Canada, this would probably cost close to 200 CAD XD


Well that phone sucks because all good phones always have stupid advertisements popping up on ur screen.

And it’s nice phone but again android makes good version way more worse than bad phones.


Looks awesome!


I’m illegible for a free upgrade this October, and planning on getting the S10 plus. Although, I might take the bullet and get it now for around $70 monthly too cuz I WANT IT.


What advertisements are you talking about? I have an android device and I don’t experience any problems at all.


That’s because that is the disadvantage of downloading unofficial third party apps…

If you want ads to be removed, you have to delete the app.


So far, no advertisements! =)


I wouldn’t say by far, but they are definitely superior, this is coming from an iPhone user, my brother preordered the S10+ and I was quite impressed with it, my favourite thing being the PowerShare feature.


I loved that wireless charging feature for Samsung buds and other phones via PowerShare. That is so cooooll!!! I mean, like to use such features, it feels we are really living in 2019.


They just copied Huawei…
But hey, at least they’re sharing the idea.