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New iPhone XR


Dude the IPhone X isn’t getting sold anymore.


I know, I forgot to add an “s” to the end of iPhone X’s but that doesn’t change what I said.


4 u ok it’s 12MP camera


Why are we even arguing lol this turned into a debate


Asking someone why they would buy an iPhone when they could get an android for much cheaper is like asking someone why they would buy an Xbox one when you can get a Chinese knockoff for much cheaper. Lol


Asking why you should get dirt when worms are cheaper. Lol.


But in the case of the android phone the quality is actually very good for the price. A lot of budget phones are good enough for most people.


I got an iPhone XS and it works great and great for gaming, great battery life also it’s better than android


There are many Android devices, you kinda have to be more specific.

Unless you’re saying you like iOS better than Android as in the operating system.


I’m talking in general that Android sucks


nice red phone


i think phone trash small keyboard and bottons i rather use andriod and blue tooth keyboard and mouse then phone plus i can charge tablet while using it but phone no it would blow up if i use it
and i can play all games better and watch movie big screen on andriod
whatever float everyone boat :slight_smile:


plus phone break to easily


That’s not a fair assumption, there are so many Android devices that you can’t just generalize them.


Brb phone is a android



Lol fax


Everyone’s used to their own keyboard I guess. I can type pretty fast :man_shrugging:t2:


It actually doesn’t


hazard said phone is a android