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New iPhone XR


La baguette is actually an apple enthusiast


No, just generally smartphones and other gadgets. Going to shenzen in a bit so will deffo come back with a oppo or something.


Can I have your autograph, sir?


I got an iPhone xs but I haven’t dropped it but the screen resolution is the best xd




That is sometimes true, but it depends on each user. E.g. An inexperienced user might be able to use a new flaship device for 2 years whereas an expert might be able to use it for 5 years. Also, Android devices (such as samsung) have a lot more customization and has a lot more features than iOS. And the best part is that Android is open-source. We’ll never know what Apple is hiding in their operating system


Do I see apple trying new things? Samsung is literally bringing something revolutionary to the phone market, of course the price is going to be high and there will still be some things that need some work.

Besides Samsung produces other great devices if you don’t want a folding phone. Can’t say the same about not wanting an iPhone with a notch.


The reason why Samsung’s Foldable phone is very expensive is because it’s the first ever foldable phone to be released, and the technology they used is really expensive (just like their edge feature), just for today, maybe in the future, they might get cheaper just like the widescreen phones of today. It’s just like how flatscreen TVs started, very expensive last 1997, soon after it became cheaper as time goes on.


I can buy a PC with that.


I have airpods.


Ok, have fun

I can buy a PC for the price of an iPhone X as well


Yes. For example I don’t want any of those features. I will use them once and then never again. Also open source? You know quite well how samsung is trying to make it less and less open source. Don’t believe me? Try getting the source code for the OS without having to request it from samsung, the themes you now have to pay for, etc.


How is that revolutionary? It helps no one. The devices are big enough already. May I also add that the new s10 “hole punch” is quite literally a notch, just in a different place.


Nope, a chinese brand beat them to it. Including a company called BOE who have had flexible displays for quite a while now.


Being able to carry a device that folds put to become a bigger one isn’t useful to you? Ok.

If u like small phones that fine. Some people prefer bigger screen than a 7 inch phablet though, but still want the portability offered by one.

I actually have the exact same opinion, funny that you should assume my position on this trend of hole punch cameras. Why did you feel the need to mention this at all? The folding phone doesn’t have a hole punch.


It is not useful and it has already been atempted to make a smaller phone something larger and it had failed. Have you ever held a large smartphone and thought to yourself “hm I just wish this could get even bigger” I sure haven’t. The reason why I brought up the “notch” is because you mentioned the notch in a negative light yourself. May I also add that samsung and apple are in completely different markets and make phones for different people. They are both as good as the other.


I have, being able to fit a tablet in ur pocket would be great. People definitely like iPads and large tablets, so I’m sure a lot of people would definitely want a even more portable version of them.

Completely irrelevant to this conversation.

Edit: Remember that what I said in my reply was replying to this comment by @llllllll:

I was arguing that it isn’t fair for him to say that since the device is still new and something no one else has ever done before, so the price and certain issues such as not having a proper screen protector designed yet should be expected.

Also completely irrelevant to the conversation. Please don’t jump to the conclusion that I was trying to put down apple. They make very good devices, but it is true that they haven’t been trying many new and innovative ideas recently.

I only said this because he was acting as if Samsung is bad just because they have an extremely expensive folding phone. My point was that Samsung offers a large variety of devices and if you don’t like certain feature then u can choose a different one, something that apple doesn’t have since they prefer to focus on a fewer number of products.


Phones have become large to the point that I only see people who want to do work use a ipad pro as a work “laptop”. I haven’t seen a regular ipad or ipad mini in over a year now. Many people don’t see the need for something even bigger. In my opinion, you have put apple in quite a negative light which a lot of these kinds of arguments seem to do.

Also how were you replying to him? I was replying to a quote you made asking how it was relevant, I explained.


I was talking about my original reply to him. I felt like u didn’t completely understand the context of what I said in that original reply.

Me saying that it’s completely irrelevant is referring to when you brought it up in ur first reply that you made to me.

I’m sorry you felt that way.

I’m sure that people woud like to be able to watch Netflix, read articles, browse the internet, or go through social media on a larger screen. Don’t you want to be able to do that?


I can see how the way I said it may be confusing, so hopefully the edit I made will help you understand