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New iPhone XR


dat is sexy boii


I’m not talking you.











And iPhone 8.


How? Lol. The XS has a far more premium design and has the same exact glass and a better camera. Your phone edge is aluminium whilst the XS edge is stainless steel. The display is also far better. Yes the XR is better for the price but certainly not better overall.


Zombie you’re alive!

Sorry, meant undead.


When it comes to phones @Zombieslayer124 is professional.


Basically, iPhones are overpriced and rely on Samsung lol.


No he’s just a stubborn apple fanboy

JK @Zombieslayer124 lol


Oh. Lol. How dare you ohrangee! You’re an apple (fruit apple)!!
Tbh I don’t use apple (phone apple). Lol.


Xs has a dual lens camera , but the XR has a clean 360° 12MP camera. Apparently it’s better


It’s 4 megapixels, it’s the exact same as the iPhone 4


The first Samsung phone had buttons while the first IPhone had a touch screen.


Oh, and have fun with a 2,000 dollar phone with no case and screen protector they won’t fit.


Overpriced? The market is getting boring. The prices of all the phones are going to go up because they can’t sell as much but want to keep the profit as high as possible. Apple has had a reputation of not reducing the prices on their devices. Samsung’s devices are around the same price (the samsung F is a lot more expensive) as iphones upon release but then get reduced throught the year.
May I also point out, the reason why I am willing to pay such a high prices is because I believe iPhones can last. I lasted 4-5 years with the iphone 6 and I believe I can get more out of the XS. I have ahd such little experience with samsung. I do have a smasung galaxy s6 which is around the same age as the iPhone 6 and I find it practically unusable in comparison today. The samsung is a powerhouse whereas the iPhone just lasts a long time. This is also proven by the 6s. It is still a great phone and works just fine, a lot of people just don’t ind the need to upgrade from it. It’s too good hence why hardly anyone wants to upgrade.


The XR has a singular 12 MP wide angle camera lens, correct. The XS on the other hand has two. One being telephoto and the other being wide angle. There is a minimal difference in the two but the XS is indeed better. Both can record 4K just fine, though I do not see a reason why you should record 4K, as your display can only view 828p. I would keep it at 1080p at max if I were you as if you don’t have a 4k display to view video on, I see hardly any use in you recording at 4K, as it will only take up storage. I also have no clue what you are talking about with “360°”? Do you mean AR? Both phones have AR capabilities. This feature goes back to 2015 with the iphone 6s. It has just gotten a lot better. (I really like AR and am looking forward to what it can bring in the future. You can do some very cool stuff with it already)