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New iPhone XR


XR is better. It can resist better falls and overall better camera


I was gonna order S9 but thought I liked IOS better lol


I don’t really like Samsung.


They have reduced pixel resolution on iPhone XR but I believe it’s from 1080p to 860p?


Can’t be the same as an iPhone 4


iphones suck… the end


It just depends on what phone you have, it doesn’t mean it’s bad but some android or iPhone can be bad. However, I have iPhone 8 and I find it great… @NatoPi1


Weird flex but ok.


We got a Android fanboy here.


The ppi is the same, but the overall quality of the screen is obviously better


i dont care about the screen… apple has proven time and again they dont care about there customers…

also repairs are a bazillion times cheaper on most android devices… and dont get me started on the price lol


Apple isn’t bad. It just lacks customer care, otherwise , it’s actually one of the best phone companies to exist.


Apple revolutionised the phone industry


It’s not a flex. If you didn’t want to view the topic , the title was there to see.


but now they are behind just about all the others lol… theyve hit they’re peak unless they change something drastically


Pretty sure it is.


Actually no, it was IBM that did.


Funny because I thought apple introduved the first LCD screen smartphone :thinking:


That’s all in the past, apple is no longer innovating


Oof U seriously Tryna Come for me…?