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New iPhone XR


Got a new iPhone XR here’s a picture of me with it -


Heh. Angular.


It has the same resolution as iPhone 4.


And it has the same pixel density as the iphone 8 but I dont see anyone complaining about that.


Cause Apple uses it to their advantage.


Yeah or course they do, its smart.

The only companies that need to market all these crazy specs are companies that don’t have the same brand name as apple, and since apple doesnt need to do this they can save money and improve their products on areas that actually matter. Most people can’t even tell the difference. Have you seen the video by Jonathan Morrison? Most people actually chose the Iphone Xr’s screen over the pocophone f1. It probably helps extend the battery life as well, so if a screen is good enough, why make it better.

Theres no reason to look down on the iPhone xr because of its screen.

I’m not an iphone fan btw, I’ve never had an iphone and have always used android devices. Im not saying the iPhone XR isnt overpriced compared to other phone, but the screen isnt enough to justify that it’s a bad phone.


I’ve never had an iphone either. High five ohrangee! Lol.


Never had a phone, high 10 for you

Haha get that reference? No? Ok I’ll leave.


product red iphone xr gang


we all needed to know you can spend money on a 1000$ phone
do you have airpods too


And it’s their “budget” model lol


definetely a “cheap” device


Lol Am i the Only One Who Prefers Androids* Cuss Tbh There Life. Yall want an Iphone Untill you drop it and the Whole screens Gone Smh"*


I love the customization too


It’s a downgrade should’ve gotten a Iphone XS.


My Iphone dropped so many times and didn’t break.


My phone’s screen, home button is railed.


i have proof this is photoshopped


kidding lmfao


Look for pixels.