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New Discord Server!


I’m voice revealing.


To be honest, a lot of people have heard my voice already. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, the in-game perk is Discord particles (and soon a Discord rank). The particles are working, and the rank should be working soon.


Really? :thinking:


What do you think?


Will that rank be in-game or wot


What’s all this with voice revealing? Is it that you have to suddenly reveal your voice or just people calling each other?


Yes, an in game rank


Yes, Its an in game rank


Give me the [Forum] rank xD


Fun fact: There used to be one in 2014-2015 I remember Sean_M had it. We were good friends🙂 Makes me miss him a lot


I’m on xbox and i can’t find a way to get onto the server. Is it available on xbox or only pc?


Are you referring to the Discord or actual in-game Minecraft server? If you’re referring to Discord, it is accessible as an app on mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.) or as both an app and a website on computers. If you’re referring to the in-game server, it should be accessible on console (Xbox), computers running Windows 10, and mobile devices capable of running MCPE. On Xbox it should be visible on the servers tab.


Am i allowed to reply on this topic or no?


@_hacker_mittu47 Please don’t bump old topics. Thanks.

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