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New Discord Server!


We are moving Discord servers! Head on over to https://lbsg.net/discord. Our volunteer and staff teams will be waiting there for you!

We have added several benefits to the new Discord server, including:

  • Kim the chatbot
  • An in-game perk for joining
  • New roles, designed around your in-game account’s age
  • A chance to speak with the volunteer and staff teams directly
  • Many more features!

We welcome you all to join, and hope to see you there soon. Thanks!

pinned globally #2


That will bring a lot of people to discord :smiley:


I’m in it. It’s lit :fire:


Can I join?


I joined, now give me it so I can look cool in SG lobbys.


What’s the perk because I wanna know and I can’t even go on discord because it’s blocked somehow…
Someone pls tell me what that perk is.


I believe the in-game perk isn’t working right now, it should be working in 1-2 days. For those wondering, I believe the perk is particles of some sort.


It’s Discord particles but they’re not working rn


Good… cuz imma go there after school


Why is there a new discord server in the first place anyways…?


It’s more Simple now.
I assume they prefered to make a new one from scratch instead of revamping the old one


Revamping would be the logical option, but I they have their reasons ¯_(ツ)_/¯


We had issues with the last server.


Well, join the fun :grin:


does that mean i can join too


Yes, everyone is welcome!


Cool, although I already joined and quit! Too much haters😕


This Discord is a big experience to me. I finally heard @xSqiziSq0re’s voice. Next time, I wanna hear @BliZZard or @AzzerGaming1103.


I know blizzards voice already lol