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New Badge


Name : The Giver

What’s Is This Badge For? :
This badge is for people on the Forums who have given 5,000+Likes during there over all stay on the Forums.

How Do You Earn The Badge? :
You must give 5,000 likes or more.

What Is The Purpose of The Badge? :
[up to the people and or staff]

Why Should You Do This Badge? :
Just as a fun badge to (I guess) look forward to earning🤔

Thanks For Reading This, Have a Great Day!!
Happy Lifeboating!!

  • Yes, Please Add This Badge
  • It’s All Up To the Staff and Dev’s.
  • Meh… Idc either way
  • Please Let’s Don’t

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Moved to site feedback.


I was not giving feedback…


Yet, at the same time, you were not suggesting anything to the server.

It only seemed relevant to put this topic in the site feedback category.


Yea your probably right…



That’s right, I am a grammar Nazi, what are you gonna do about it, huh?


Just going to say… those members are ummmm… not as liked? :neutral_face:


I’m not sure if such a thing can be implemented. We’ve probably got bigger priorities at the moment, and the software we use is the Discourse template which can limit just how much we can change with the badges.


Which members? Me and Killian or the grammar nazis?


Anddd… did you just like that post? Why you manipulative little—


It’s okay, don’t cry. Ma’ma is here :woman:t3:


Glad you said that…
Idc :grin:


Now plz don’t make a scene in front of all the adults :grin:


Smile emoji my butt


Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t this up to discourse?


They have the forums so why not share the link…