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Need a new skin? (If I’m bored) I’ll design one, just for you! :)


I’m just kinda bored and don’t really wanna change my skin. Anyone want a new skin? I may lose track of it so I may not complete, I just want to design one.


It’s ok pal I have my creeper skin! And how do u send skin texture anyways? Like when I send dis does it work?

When holding this texture will it work?


Ok, I’ll get to work on it, anything you want in particular?



No its okay! I tried making baby ghast skin but for some reason my skin keeps showing hands and legs black,


Here you go! I couldn’t make a baby ghast skin, so I just made one with a baby ghast head. I like how it came out! Thanks for fulfilling my boredom!! image


If anyone else wants a new skin and I i’m bored, I can make one for you! Just tell me what you want!


Thanks can I get a green creeper skins with no arms? I could gift you a rainbow creeper or pink creeper!


That’s undoable, it would just make the arms black. :frowning:



Sigh sorry for you but mine like when I remove torso or legs then my hole skin would be black :frowning:


I’ve determined to make this a thread for if you want me to make a skin for you. Just tell me what you want and if I’m bored, ill make a skin! Just ask me and give me these details:
What you want for head
What you want for torso/ arms
What you want for leges
What colors you like/ want
What colors you dislike/ don’t want
Have a great day!