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My YT Channel Blew Up With 35 Subs In 15 Minutes!


Wow. I cannot believe it. I was watching YouTube and all of a sudden, I started getting notifications that people were subbing to my YT Channel. From 9 Subs to 35 Subs in less that 15 minutes! IDK how it happened, but it did. Keep the streak going! Subscribe!
:arrow_right: https://youtu.be/V-T-P-L0xVo
I post good content! In progress of editing a video currently


Eww, Fortnite


There’s more than that


Says 19 for me…


This is probably how you got that many.
Ewww. I will never subscribe to a Fortnite lover like you.


IDK why but it went down


It’s mostly Minecraft. Do it, subscribe!!!:slightly_smiling_face:


Looks like those pesky sub bots didn’t do their job.



First, delete fortnite, then throw it inside the recycle bin.
Then you bring a torch and you burn it to atoms. Then you shall erase your youtuber history and recreate it as a Karma and make videos about why Fortnite is Fartnite and other games.


Fartnite is a werid game and it reminds me of person using pickaxe just to break down a bottle with ketchup.


Lol. Ok.


They weren’t sub bots








Fortnite is kinda lame. :frowning:

I loved it the first months but then… ehhh VBucks and stuff… NO.


hey theres no need to use that


thats a weird reference


maybe you commented on a famous youtuber and it boosted you up a bit idk