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My Valentines Day Playlist


Don’t mind the Playlist name tho…


Is that @sprinkledcheese x @Blizzard? Lol.


Shush… you saw nothing!


Your playlist is weak. Mine is better


I saw it all. Lol.


Mine is better.


I. Was. Joking.

Hey look, MasterBroPro doesn’t have a sense of humor!


You lying!


I’m not.


Hard to tell if someone is joking when they’re too setious all the time and doesn’t make jokes!


Hard to tell if a person is being serious when they joke too much and doesn’t take things too seriously at all.


You lying again! I do take some stuff serious! Name 10 that I didn’t.


Ignoring Advises, All the things you learned from school are not applied in anywhere, causes chaos for being an ignorant dude, hating to hear serious speeches from moderators, lies about being a moderator, loves teasing people for being close minded, loves hacking for justice (I smell lies tho) i think I can only list 7…


I don’t recall saying I was a moderator…
I don’t recall teasing.
I don’t cause chaos. I just state my opinion and I get jumped for it.

If you’ve got a problem with me doing those then dm me.


woah… Im sweating and im not even involved


Also that’s not proof of me not taking things serious. It’s just what you think of me. Lol!!
( I don’t care if you think me hacking for justice is a lie considering you’re not there to see what I do, say, or any of that sort and therefore you have no right to judge.)