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My Story pt 2


Sorry for the wait. I got sick :frowning: we suspect Tonsillitis.

I was back, back in the place I thought I had evaded forever. And this time, there was no way out. I looked at my fellow recombinants and they looked dejected. I tried to not lose myself in my fear, but, like a powerful creature, fear cannot be caged. I crossed some line into hysteria and got a needle and began to calm down, but, of course I was still afraid and my fear was confirmed when I was dragged to a treadmill and chained to it. I ran and ran ran and ran until my body finally gave out. Whip me all you want, I can’t go on…
I awoke to bright lights and a voice saying “4 Hours, Full speed, No breaks, 4 Hours…” I was allowed some free time in a heavily patrolled courtyard but was taken back in halfway through my time to go see Emma, I mean, WHY? Right off she said “So. You are back here again, enjoying it?”
“Emma. You REALLY think I would enjoy this?”
“Well, you have done worse I hear”
“True, but really? I still hate it.”
“Aidan, you have done many crimes against me and I’m afraid your Human-Avian mix gives you an edge. So, we have made sure your wings are permanently paralyzed.”
I remembered as I was lying in my sleeping bag that I had a comms chip implanted in my lip that could be used. So I used the trigger string “Start Transmission” and then said “Anyone on this frequency?”
Then Lauren responded “Aidan! Thought we lost you commander, what do you need?”
“Ready the Cerberus, NOW”
“What for Aidan?”
“Question me again and you will lose your position”
“Ok ok!”
As I was lying there after another rigorous session on the treadmill and lifting 300LB weights, I heard a BOOM and thought, must be testing something but then I heard the alarm go off.
–POV change to Emma–
I sat in my office thinking about how Aidan must be feeling, he looked scared when he realized where he was. BOOM!!! What the hell? I looked outside and saw what was happening. Aidan’s Specialist Frigate know n as the Cerberus was sitting above the base, raising hell! “Oh Aidan, you’ve done it again.” I ran to the defence interior control system and manned the orbital station’s laser. “Prepare to die you idiotic Tactical Cruiser” I charged the laser and fired, but to my amazement, the laser did not destroy it! “Must be some hull” I went to go fire the EMP but I never made it. A loud explosion blew me backwards off my feet. I hit my head and my world went dark.
–Back to me–
My plan had exceeded expectations. Emma’s base was successfully attacked, and me and all the others were free. We were picked up by Lauren in a helicopter and flown to FA (Fort Allegiant, my base, jeez) and we were all treated and healed nicely. We were home, in a place of safety.


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