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My realistic Update Ideas for (Lifeboat City) pt 2


Hello again!
Today I have some sudgestions for lifeboat city and apreciate the time you take to read and consider these.

1: (Diner)
The diner could be located near spawn or across the car shop (Replaces current small park with benches behind Tool shop)
Here players can meet after school and grab a “Spakling water” Could give a bonus to speed. This spot I feel would become one of the many highlights of lifeboat city. Being close to the school, waterfall and car shop it incourages players to go about the quests and interact with fellow players.

2: (Taxes)
Players will be punished a certain amount of dollars a day if they have not worked a certain amount of hours in a day. The point of this is to encourage people to work within lifeboat city. Creating a flowing economy of constant workers.

3: Sell all button on Trading stalls
(Simply because it takes longer to do them one at a time).

4: (Traders keep gems Diamond, Emrald, Lapiz)
The traders keep all gems sold to them, the player who buys all the gems sets the amount in the traders inventory to 0 until server resets or player trades with trader.
(Increases reason to trade and bargain)

5: (Cook Position)
A kitchen possibly located within the police station. Players are paid 2 coins for every cake made, players can only make as many cakes as there are available spots on the counter.

6: (Farmer position)
Located at farm: Teleportation similar to lumberjack near woods. Crops (Wheat) grow every day within a 30×30 field( Once collected must wait til next day to regrow.
Each wheat sells for 1$. (The purpose is to create competition between farmers)

7: (Chop shop)
Since many players like to steal bikes. A chop shop for bikes would be an interesting snatching ground for bored players. Located near the docks, each bike could be taken to an Npc at the chop shop and sold for 1$ (This idea is more of a random one but it’s an entertaining thought)

8: (Potion shop/Magic tricks store)
Here there are simply random potions for ridiculously high prices (This is to kickstart the value and fun of random items in lifeboat city. The simple enjoyment would come from the possibilities of each potion or magic trick.

9: (Arrest Ability/Allert system)
If someone has hit a person more than three times a red marker would appear over there head and they would now be wanted. (Marker fades while crouched)
Players playing as police officers may arrest someone with a red marker simply by hitting them (Contant with prisoner leads them to jail for the recommended sentence). The more hits a player has racked up above there marker will increase there a sentence (Causing greafers to leave and keeps determined mischief makers within lifeboat city. Balance is important for roleplay.

And that’sall for now.
Thank you for your time.



I agree

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Nice suggestion!!



Why taxes? I’d love unemployment benefits instead.

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Lol wouldnt we all!



That’s what I get anyways



Yeah, that sounds great



I love every suggestion that you agree that they need to be added but the only one I really like is the tax one.