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My new keyboard


Well my Keyboard Mouse And Mousepad are from Bestbuy and my Headset is from Amazon.


I feel bad I did not get the mouse


Wow another $100, you must make good money rich boy


I know right blizzard ritchy rich


Rich people love bragging about their stuff we can’t afford.


He also told everyone on his Discord server that he bought a 60$ headphone stand once :joy:


Nah I said I was gonna.
I bought new Keycaps for my Keyboard instead lol


Yeah, it’s good for work, but not for playing games. That’s why I got it.


Corsair keyboard is good


there is a lgoi tech mouse that cost $10 in south bay
in boston


@KillerOwl facts legit true that what i notice too
and they think were poor when we are saving up and they go in are face and say we are stupid and can,t afford a house that there better then us and then when we get rich and they get poor they have the nerves to ask for money


How are you planning to play Minecraft with that. If the keyboard is connected, playing Minecraft with that keyboard will be extremely difficult because there is no mouse.


I’m not gonna to PvP without a mouse I’m gonna get it


I have the mouse