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My new keyboard


Their is a difference between broke and trash, smh


I know the only thing I can do with my keyboard and play roblox and move round and throw items


OK not bad


They don’t post the nicer keyboards and razar ones on the store site cause they want people to come in and buy them in store lol.


Is money they want


Black Friday is money rush hours too money rush


Oh, I totally forgot about Black Friday, when is Black Friday anyway?


And getting it from the package is even worse since people would try to boonk gang it


You could always paint you’re keyboard with spray paint, I painted mine and wrecked it lol


They do lol

The one I have ^


Oof you really did broke it?


Lol, you paid that much for a keyboard


Yea, lol


Wow you’re rich




Now that a lot what your a singer or have good easy jobs


your lucky


Yea well this the rest of my peripherals that I have…


Wow your mad lucky


Wait you order them and they ship it