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My new keyboard


@BliZZard Well I’m sorry you not like this keyboard but there nothing you can do those kind keyboard cost a lot of money and the fact I’m lucky to even have a keyboard to start with I can,t argue with my dad about that like the way you can argue with your parents about buying Fancy stuff yeah I obey rule respect and be lucky I have something is better then nothing


@JasonH the keyboard you have the version K400 when I go to best buy I’m gonna switch this kind for that one you have because it has a mouse with it


I don’t have to I already have them lol


Broke kids right​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


I know that I’m just explain the fact you don’t have to call this one trash if you have something better because I don’t have enough or I don’t think best buy has the kind you have OK I’m saying I’m just lunch to have a keyboard


No not broke
Saving up


I was never broke if I was I would never be able to buy a android tablet a keyboard and app cards😉


I did buy 7 tablets before and then sold them


You should of bought a rainbow gaming keyboard for $30 at Walmart, which comes with a keyboard and a mouse.


Maybe next time but I am saving up to travel to other country’s on a airplane


How much did you pay for you’re keyboard.?


$29.99 plus a 25 dollar google play gift card


Your idea sound good a light up keyboard + mouse


You could of got a better deal at Walmart, the rainbow and razar keyboard sets with mouses are usually on sale. Oof



Is this what your talking about ?




Let’s try to keep the feedback positive. There is no reason to call this keyboard trash just because it’s not the one you would have bought.

Nice keyboard @morrisgamekidwalker! I recently got a new keyboard as well. It’s made by Razer but I can’t remember which one it is at the moment.

I really love that PCs are fairly easy to upgrade over time, even if you don’t have one you built yourself you can still get new accessories to go with it, and that’s always a great feeling!


It dose not cost that much tell you what if my keyboard mess up and I need to get a new one I will go to Walmart and get one


It’s a running joke from r/PCMasterRace lol.
Also I bought my Keyboard at Best Buy
Corsair Strafe Mk2