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My new keyboard


hi everyone today i bought a new keyboard from best buy


Should have bought a better camera instead.


No I have a tablet that that switch cam I just did not take it out of the case and is a lot dark too
Is in the wrong Angle that all but the keyboard for PvP


Is it a Logitech keyboard?


It’s things like this that you realise just how little you’re capable of caring about some things.


her dad bought it for her


Enough with the negative talk


Yes he did



Try smashing it to the ground, for durability testing


What with you guys you never seen a keyboard on a tablet by blue tooth before? :joy:


Ok cool but is it RGB?
I think not


My keyboard is not crash proof and it dose not have color changing effects but I found was to make my tablet flash on developer mode


And I did look up was to active mouse keys


Yes it is a Logitech keyboard


I knew because I have a similar one.


Yes and I got this one from best buy for I don’t know I might have to look up how much a Logitech k380 cost


I first asked for the mouse and they no blue tooth mouse


That’s the one I have - https://www.officeoutlet.com/technology/tablet-and-mobile-accessories/tablet-cases-and-accessories/logitech-k400-plus-wireless-touch-keyboard/