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My Ideas for Life Boat City


Now I’ve been playing on the server a lot and I have some interesting ideas if you care to listen.

1: Ender chest system. Now if anyone trades a lot or knows some secrets to this game you will know you have limited space. I think a good chest system maybe even just in your flat would be very nice.

2: Buy/Sell all. Anyone trading will know it’s a hassle to buy and sell one at a time. I think buy all or sell all features would be Peak!

3: Farms. I think it would be nice to have a skybloc almost formatted farm were you buy pieces of dirt for a set amount. Plants take around 3 or 4 days to grow and sell for fairly high depending on the plant. Just an idea I just think it would be nice.

4: Ability to be mayor. Now I know taxes are a bummer but what if you could be promised protection? Money? Good steady work. Not like it’s not already there but I think a 5 day electors system would be net.

5: Villians. Now I dont just mean that guy that finds a sword and spawn kills everyone. No I’m talking Mr snow pharoh typa mob stuff. I think a lair built in the water temple near the airport would be neat. And the server would align a mob boss and the Don’s room is only accessible through the inside via button or /DonsHQ.
The ranking for this could be determined by kills.
Or influence.

6: Influence/Fame. A moral system for players to see who is loved by all. Or feared.

7: Science lab. Want a better apple that fills your hunger bar? No problem with GMOs you can do anything. Well aside from that statement I think a lab in lbc for development of better equipments and foods in towns wood be neat.

8: Hired police get batons. Now I know this doesnt matter much but I think if someone is a hired police officer and only hits guilty players then they should have a weapon to counter act the baddies.

9: Safe zone and Red Zone. So the school hospital and police station I think should be safe. I think a neat cave area or something would be cool for everyone to go and fight in. Just a thought.

10: Dollar Bill’s. I think if you could go to the bank and transfer money into a check or bill it would be neat.

11: Cars. Helicopters. motor bikes. And jet skies.
Now dont get me wrong I love the 3 block jumping bike and the changebot car. But I think if you had something to put your money into people would be more encouraged to work. And there is so much water in LBC! Jet skies would be a blast. Maybe if lifeboat just bought the Rich life addon pack who knows though.

12: Guardians: Now these would be a step up from police officers. I think guardians would be given a diamond chest plate and are stripped of there title the moment they kill and inocent person. There job is to stop the Villians.

13: Monks: an old styled giant keg juice sanctuary up on top of the lbc mountain would be perfect for monks. When people grow crops they can be juiced here. Monks then take the fruits and vegetables from players and make juices witch should give a temporary boost to speed and health. Monks must be peaceful players Who must renounce weapons and live in peace. I think they should be paid well for every juice created rewarded for there dence of piece. Anyone may become monk But as soon as they hit another player They must renounce they’re monkhood and leave the sanctuary.

So yea just some ideas I have. Dont expect them to come to life but would be cool :slight_smile: thanks for reading.


This is quite the open-minded post.


Yes not to be taken seriously just think that would be nice touches


Delete the gamemode and bring plots to sm


Eh? No. Lifeboat city is not going to get deleted any time soon… at peak times they gamemode has 1200 players.


I SUPPORT these shoud be added. Any more suggestions? -psl85


I will create a part 2 in a short while. I get these idea while I play. Think of what might be fun for everyone and good for the gamemode as a whole. Personally I really want this server to stay and making it something special would litterally drag people to the lifeboat server! Like just look how many people the siege update brought in and that’s only a few features!


It’s great and some days it jumps up 100 players so slowly but surely!


LBC is good though


LBC always has more than 100 players.


Who’s idea was it to name lbsg, lbc? They must’ve put a lot of time into that name lmao


Lifeboat City is a good name. I mean, it doesn’t have to be something totally special.


I mean goes up around 100. Aver maybe being 600-1200.


I don’t quite understand what you mean.


Some days I’ve seen it go from 1200 to 1300. Sometimes I see more people drug in I think it’s due to the zombie siege being on the main title screen for when you enter the server. What I’m saying is that the average amount of players sometimes spikes. Not important just explaining myself


They could’ve at least put a little more thought into it, eh?