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My date for Valentine's day


Cookie rejected you.


THEN ill craft millions of cookie and ask em all. @MasterBroPro1 or else ill date my diamond sword.


Your diamond sword will kill you and your cookies are eating themselves.


Then ill date myself :slight_smile: problem solved.

:creepersolution: @MasterBroPro1

Smartpig is ganna date the keyboard btw, cool i guess


If you do that, the future you comes and kills you.


Then my friend will kill them @MasterBroPro1


But it’ll already be dead considering if the future you killed you then there is no future you.
You can’t live a life dead unless you’re undead.


Then all green creepers whill blow up and all new ones generate every night.


And then despawn at a certain time.


Death beats life either way.


Then the creepers will respawn when its night and they despawn and then say respawn .


Unless they are killed or executed with the command /kill.


Maybe the creepers whill crash the game by summoninf alot. @MasterBroPro1


Or you set a redstone command block that specifically kills them only. Over and over. And faster than they could spawn.


Then quickly one of the creepers will crash game again and delete the world forever and hack thejr accounts and put virus on every device in world.



Of course that wouldn’t be possible unless they created their own minecraft and their own turns out to be a fake one. Also not to mention the security and plagiarism.


You can also make a command that would spam kill the exact player spawning the creepers.


mittu47.exe/memory/forums has stopped working. Account broken.


Secure. Access denied.


Back on topic. Lol.