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"My brother hacked and got me banned!" excuse


A common one.


I just wanna know how many appeals actually said that??


Omg me too :o my brother hacked now I baned! True story! And I def have a brother!! (Don’t fact check me)


Lol. You can’t say that without proof. Just record your room and see everything and send to them. :joy:


I remember back when sm had plots and people would be advertising free diamonds to get people to tp, there was this one player that would advertise free diamonds and give a warning that if he scammed it was his brothers fault, used to make me laugh.


Well it seems hilarious and dumb at the same time.


Saying that is just gonna make it weird and suspicious.




How do you put the words on a gif? I wanna make a meme out of it.


DU screen recorder has a great video editor. Lol!
You can make gifs, add subtitles, music, add images, etc!!


Now i can make a look at this dude video




Be sure to remove the watermarks.