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My 2 cents


I know that everyone is creating topics about bringing bh back so I would like to give my 2 cents as-well. Bounty hunter was deleted due to low players counts and constant glitch abusal (As far as I have heard).

Lifeboat has seemingly gained more players since the update and I have seen more players on once smaller game-modes. So who’s to say that if bounty hunter was brought back it wouldn’t have more players now? I think I would.

Many people miss this game very much- including myself. I think it would make many people happy if it were to be returned.

Also- every dupe glitch in the book, took place in hub. And happened because of the chests. Simple solution: make sure there are NO chests at hub.

  • I want bh back
  • I don’t care either way
  • I do not want bh back

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Funnily enough BH was removed due to low player counts but currently there are plenty of Lifeboat Gamemodes with even worse player counts than BH when it existed.



I know :confused: also it was like that during the time it was removed



If by comes back ill be on more



amazing how 25/29 people who voted on this wanted it back

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There’s always someone on bounty hunter who gets a bug/glitch as an unfair advantage and it get viral by itself as people see one person abusing it, then they ask him/her and when that player tell the other player, then it goes viral, which is why a reason that I don’t want it to be back. You can’t stop glitches or bugs from transpiring and what about players with diamond armor killing new players persistently and usually a lot of hackers are on bounty hunter, which again makes bounty hunter toxic, soon, players will find the way to abuse enchanting table which is another thing to be concern about.

If you really want it to be back, then developers have to completely revamp the gamemode.



Well I don’t care whatsoever



You realize they can patch the bugs right? Its third responsibility to fix them and they were being lazy and decided to get rid of the most fun but glitch game mode bc they didn’t want to make it better and plus if they are ganna make a server they have to stop being lazy and fix bugs and glitches instead of deleting it bc of them but bounty hunter was slowly coming back to having a lot of players and right when they removed the player model from sg less people played it and moved to an so its dealt their fault plus they had fixed almost every bug and glitch on by before it was removed the only one they couldn’t fix was bow spam



Some of these glitches or because of Minecraft, the game itself. So complain it to Mojang.