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Incident: muteado sin ninguna razon, ya me ha pasado 4 veces y ya no lo puedo solucionar solo me pasa en servidores de lifeboat, en ninguno mas asi que no es error de microsoft.

Username(s): ViceArias101

Server: todos



Hey @ViceArias101! I’m sorry you keep experiencing this bug. Our developers have looked into it and tried to fix it but it is unfortunately something that is embedded into Minecraft and not something they can fix. I’ve actually experienced the ghost mute about a dozen times and I fix it by going onto Creative Mode and spamming on a sign. I have friends that work for Mineplex and The Hive and they have told me that their players have also experienced this glitch, so it isn’t just happening on Lifeboat, it is happening on all of the servers. Even though it might only effect your chat on a single server at a time. I’m really sorry for any inconvenience this has caused but there isn’t much we can do sadly.