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Music in-game?


Can we use a Spotify playlist in the server to play songs from a playlist while playing on the servers, and i want also to vote which songs the users want to listen on, and users can disable this if they will not listen on music while playing in their in-game settings.


Lol i have samsung galaxy tab 4 and i could have music playing while playing game.

I dont really care aboutthis update.


This sounds kind of impossible… you could just simply play music on background while playing minecraft.


But can we add a playlist of songs from Spotify with some songs, and they could be played in the servers. Is that ok?


Or you could just idk

use Spotify while playing on Minecraft…


You’re confusing us…


I don’t think it’s possible to play actual songs on Minecraft in the fist place, so it’s not about whether or not it’s “ok” to do so, it’s just not something Minecraft servers can do.


Unless you have resource packs.


I mean some smart individual with too much time on their hands could probably get an entire song to play, but I don’t think lifeboat has the time to do thays


I am sure this would not be available due to copyright protection reasons. If music was added in-game, it would most likely be added to BlockParty over a subdomain. For example: https://blockparty.lbsg.net


But keep adventure mode?


If your on idk tablet or phone, you could to play store or app store and search for app “calm” and download it and then do the questions and its optional and then choose any instrumental music or story or what ever and this music plays while this app is either closed or plaus while playing games. Thats a strategy for me.

Dm me for more info


i play on the switch console, not on tablet/smartphone. how do i to have music there?


I dont know, blame microsoft for not having feature when music on yt plays, it just doesnt.


The reason this kind of thing does not exist already, is because Minecraft has it’s own built-in music. The Minecraft music, originally by C418. Adding any other music, or a music player would mean that the artists would have to sign an agreement to have their music played through a Minecraft music player. This would only work via a web connection otherwise the game size would be horrendous.