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Mojang HQ Update


We have been working hard on the inside of the Mojang HQ, and on the outside since the last update on the build.

The interior of the actual HQ has a mosaic at the entrance, a kitchen, a snooker table as you go in, A wall of ideas and letters, all the awards by the kitchen on the shelving, a table which they also use for awards. A ping pong, a call room, a gaming room including an Xbox, Nintendo 64, and Rock band set, pinball machines, and a ton more.

As the build gets more and more members helping, we do need to take safety precautions on the build, which is why MissMarzenia (https://twitter.com/MissMarzenia) has decided to join in on the project and help us collect images of the HQ inside and out. JannikDE has been working on the mountains, and me and sbqp3 have been working on the interior of the building.