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Mittu47 needs help with 4 trust level questions


Questions I need answers with please:

  1. Do you lose trust level when suspension sometimes?
  2. If getting flagged so many times like let’s say thousands, do you lose your trust level?
  3. If getting banned in mcpe servers in lifeboat do you also lose trust level?
  4. When you argue with anyone or mod will you lose trust level?
  5. If changing title and saying for example: Hacker in bedwars (no evidence, help this user or else I will) (edited by mittu47)

Is it okay?
If you know answer to all 3 or some then make a chart saying yes, blah blah or no.



Thanks for replying for help but once all is solved can this be locked since it’s solve and Im ganna put it in general discussion, incase somone knows.


Ok nvm then sad face
For getting confuzed,



The only trust level you can lose is Regular. The requirements have to stay met or else you’ll drop back down to member.

Being silenced or suspended will cause you to lose Regular, and you will not to be able to re-earn it.

There is a flags requirement for Regular, if you exceed it you’ll lose the rank (it checks the past 100 days, so once the flags are old enough you’ll be able to get the rank again).

Bans won’t directly affect your forum account, but if you also behave negatively on the forums we might take action.

We will never take action against you for simply disagreeing with a moderator. However, if you insult someone (whether a mod or a normal player), start a flame war, or behave rudely, we will take action against you as needed, though usually this won’t be in the form of revoking your Regular.

We won’t revoke Regular just for that, but we do recommend not messing with the topic titles unless necessary.



Sorry for bothering and thanks for your time but what do you mean by silenced in first question?
And is getting flagged bad?


Silencing is somewhat similar to an in-game mute. Basically if you’re silenced, you won’t be able to post.

As for the flags thing, that depends on what you mean by bad. When a post is flagged, it goes into the mod inbox and we can choose what to do with the flag. If you’re falsely flagged you won’t need to worry, but if the flag on your post is approved by a mod that probably means something in it was either inappropriate, off-topic, spammy, or whatever reason was specified in the flag.