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Mittu47 favorite music! (This topic won't ever expire even if it's 30)


Hi im ganna show u my favorite music and hey may be 1 hour just listen to them then exit.
You may reconize musics or you may reconize it for a second but sound changes.
Minecraft Alpha musics:1

Moog City

Minecraft volume alpha 8

Sweden (missing)



Mice On Venus

Minecraft music disc by C418

  • Music Disc: Wait (Where are we now)
  • Music Disc: Far

There is more so scroll down! to bottem

Post your favorite songs
New Video!

Did it sound good I mean I went to youtube searching.
Turn on your volume.
I think school should allow us to listen to music while we work.

I mean some schools allow us too.


No one came to my topic :frowning:




No we just didn’t reply. Lol.


Ol lol


Lol. Sorry.


Hi!!! Lol.


Living mice.

Windows error music 1 hour LOL

Please ignore the bad word and please don’t watch the messages because there are bad words in it.
Don’t even flag me.

By Kevin Macloed
Ice flow [1 hour version]





30 minutes living mice [Extended]

Rachet and Clank gemlik base music 30 minutes soundtrack

Minecraft music Danny 1 hour.

Unknows creative music [40 mim]

Minecraft story mode music.

TheFatRat- time lapse [1 hour]

Astronomia music- 1 hour

Dead voxel

Music menu 2


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Post your favorite songs

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