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Mini Forum Updates!


Heya guys! The forum team has a few updates to announce:

As some of you may have heard, we’ve been working on improving the guidelines as some rules have been reported unclear. Drum roll please! Please check out the updated Lifeboat Forums FAQ/Guideline! We’ve added a new abbreviation rule and made a few more tweaks to clarify specific offenses as requested by a few of our forum members. :wink:

The forum has been updated to one of the latest Beta versions so we get some new, sweet features. :eyes:

Time to move on to the exciting announcement, users with the regular rank will be allowed one custom emoji of their choice to use here on the forums! Rules and more information will be posted in the Regular Lounge soon! If you want your own custom emoji on the forums, achieve the Regular rank by interacting with the community and being active.

And that’s all, stay tuned for the next forum update in the future! :sailboat:

pinned globally #2


Thats cooooolll, keep on going guys :smiley:


What’s the new one?


Why are these abbreviations only allowed on the forums?


It only says “Forums Only” due to the fact that the rule only applies to the forums. On our other platforms, such as our Discord server, there are different rules on abbreviations.


thing is tho i’ve been suspended before so…


Stupud suspension…
I might as well go make a new alt to get regular,



Awesome Serenity!


What other features? More HTML AND css???.


We jumped a few beta versions a short time ago (which is what Serenity is referring to) but we haven’t moved to beta9. As is there hasn’t been any changes to the functionality of HTML.


Seems like a waste of time, but do whatever will row your boat. Hah I see the irony in that.


I’m curious, why do you think it’s a waste of time? We’d love to hear some feedback, feel free to post in Forum Feedback as well.


Will you be accepting new f-Mods soon?


Right now we’re in agreement that we’re managing alright with the current sized team, but if we’re having issues keeping up with the amount of new reports we’ll discuss it then.






What is the new one? I read the terms-and-conditions but idk what was new


It was the abbreviation rule and a few other minor ones from the Discord rule page.